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Achieve a 23% - 46% lift in response rates.
Increase engagement from one impression to 8-16 in the first month.

Omni Bridge2

What is Omni-Bridge 2.0®?

Omni-Bridge 2.0® is a marketing solution seamlessly designed to improve results and track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns through digital omni channel platform integration.

Amp up a traditional direct mail campaign from a single mail piece impression into multiple repetitive impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms.  Create a personalized and integrated customer experience when and where they are online.

Omni-Bridge® brings together highly targeted social media feeds, online follow-ups, SMS and website visitor tracking along with your direct mail to drive higher response and increased revenue.  

How do I track results?

Results are tracked through a personal dashboard  in Real Time to determine attribution and determine program ROI.  Each channel in every program is measured and tracked in a single easy to read dashboard you can easily access any time you want.

Omni channel percentage chart

Why Omni-Bridge 2.0®?

Forbes magazine research shows combining three or more channels delivers an average engagement rate of just under 19%, compared to 5.4% for single-channel campaigns. 

Studies show 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th touch.  Marketers using three or more channels in any one campaign earned a 287% higher purchase rate than those using a single-channel campaign. 

Omnisend 2020

Omni-Bridge 2.0® Core Technologies


Match Facebook and Instagram accounts to deliver social ads before, during and after.


Mail Tracking
Know exactly when the mail hits at the individual mail piece and export delivery lists.


QR Codes
Personalized or Static QR codes to maximize engagement including custom report dashboard.


Informed Delivery®
Add a full color clickable ad through USPS’s daily mail preview with reporting to show received, opened and clicked.


Call & Text Tracking
Track campaign effectiveness with contact information and drive incremental conversion with SMS coupons and URLs.


Online Follow-Up
Re-engage website visitors through retargeted ads on Google Display Network.


Social Follow-Up
Re-engage website visitors with retargeted Facebook and Instagram ads.


LEAD Match
Receive list of anonymous website visitors, their contact information and actions taken on website for targeted follow-up.

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A 23% - 46% lift in response rate can be yours with Omni-Bridge 2.0®